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We got a big one for you this week. We're introducing our Training Camp! That's right, a whole map dedicated to exploring all the different aspects of Super Monday Night Combat. No queuing, no waiting, you just jump in and try stuff out!

New Rules

  • Added Training Camp mode. Training Camp is found through the "Play" menu. You will just be placed in a server where you can try out all the gameplay elements of Super Monday Night Combat.
  • Added dialog in Custom Games to prevent players from breaking their lobbies after hitting Start Game.
  • Pros you cannot use are now shown grayed out in the Character Picker.
  • Increased mouse sensitivity slider range.
  • GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Character Specific call outs added.
  • GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Streak VO changes.
  • GG Stack & Chip Valvano: More Commercial VO added.
  • Added blue-yellow nameplate option for those who have troubles seeing red-green.
  • Locker Room customize menu redesigned for clarity and grouping customize slots under their associated Pros.
  • Improved wording on Play menu buttons.
  • Updated MP landing menu: separated out Super Crossfire options from Training options.
  • First Blood, Multikills, Kill Streaks, now send a message to everyone.
  • Annihilator Ready message now sent to everyone.
  • Respawn times now increase after the 30 minute mark.
  • Increased Post-Game Prize drop rate of Uniform parts.
  • Updated resolution options adding 1366x768 and 1360x768.
  • Improved descriptions for Pros.
  • Improved the camera while dead. Especially when the taunter dies while they are taunting you.
  • Juice Boxes now give 1/5 of the juice back rather than 1/4.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed store taunts not updating correctly.
  • Fixed uniforms in the "Featured Items" area not being displayed correctly when first selected.
  • Fixed reselecting a Pro in the store not displaying the Pro's details in the bottom pane.
  • Fixed accepting an invite not always cancelling previous Match Making attempts.
  • Fixed light shaft on item pick ups sometimes lingering.
  • Fixed Play button being on some screens where it wasn't needed.
  • Fixed some older Uniforms not previewing properly in the inventory screen.
  • Fixed Chickey's egg effect from not always playing.
  • Fixed rare issue with both Moneyballs being destroyed at the exact same time.


  • New Bundle: Triple Threat: Commando Style - On sale for the first week!
  • New Bundle: Action Heroes


  • All Magnet: Range 768 -> 640
  • Massive Air: Minimum level 6 -> 1
  • Massive Air: Air Control: 1 -> 0.8

Downtown Spunky Arena

  • Continued art improvements.
  • Moved Fuji and Scrambler bot spawn buttons location closer to the player spawner.
  • Modified bot spawner collision to prevent Spark from getting stuck inside.
  • Fixed some collision issues on the Icemen's side.


  • Fuji Bots: Now, once again, drops 2 juice boxes instead of 1 juice and 1 churro.
  • Fuji Bots: Now drop an additional armor pick up.
  • Jackbot XL: Projectiles now do knockback and turn off Assault's Fly.
  • Jackbot XL: Speed 350 -> 400
  • Black Jacks: No longer appear as turrets in the overhead camera.
  • Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Only spawn once 60 seconds instead of once every 40 seconds.
  • Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now swap lanes every 5 minutes.
  • Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now additionally spawn on the opposite lane when the Moneyball is down.
  • Fuji Bots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now spawn more Fujis in between Jackbot spawns.


  • Smoke Bomb: Bot Stun Duration: 4 -> 3
  • Leap: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to jump velocity.
  • Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.


  • Assault Bomb: Headcrab bonus 250 -> 50

Captain Spark

  • New Uniform: Captain Buzz
  • New Uniform: Captain Sparkle
  • New Weapon: Sparkle Voltage Spike
  • Arc Flash: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to Arc Flash distance.
  • Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Now only gains charges from Voltage Spike hits.
  • Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Damage: 50 -> 45
  • Voltage Spike: Fixed selecting a Pro other than Captain Spark, then switching to Captain Spark breaking his Voltage Spike alt-fire skill.
  • Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.


  • Bananas Monihan: Fixed typo in the description.


  • Taunts: You may now choose a taunt for Dual Miniguns separate from the Minigun.
  • Deploy: Armor Pulse Time: 1 -> 0.75


  • Mr. Destructoid: Fixed a typo in his description.
  • Short Circuit: Projectile Speed: 1000/2000/2500/3072 -> 3072/3072/3072/3072


  • New Taunt: I Invented That Kick
  • Mona Laser: Range: Full Damage/Min Damage 1536/2560 -> 2560/3072
  • Venice Defense: Recall button now becomes active only after Venice Defense is fully deployed and teleport button charges.
  • Venice Defense: Recall can no longer be used after Venice Defense is destroyed.


  • Shoot the Moon: Cooldown: 40/27/20/15 -> 20/14/10/7.5
  • Shoot the Moon: No longer starts cooldown until skill finishes.
  • Shoot the Moon: Jump Velocity: 1024 -> 1300


  • Trap: Upgrade level 4 no longer locks out skills for its victims.
  • Trap: Max: 1/1/2/2 -> 1/1/1/2
  • Trap: Freeze & Slow Duration: 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5 -> 1/1/1.5/1.5
  • Trap: No longer able to be destroyed by friendly damage.
  • Trap: Fixed sometimes being partially embedded in the ground.
  • Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.


  • Healing: money 0.1 -> 0.05
  • Air Strike: Now does bonus damage when attached to players (Ground Zero), even under cover: 50


  • Alt Fire Slam: Slow Duration 3 -> 1.5
  • Alt Fire Slam: Fixed slam not affecting Jackbots
  • Ka-Klaw: Targets can now use air control when grabbed, allowing them to 'struggle' against it. Air control for the target is reduced as the Ka-Klaw is upgraded.


  • Coin Launcher: Coins now damage himself.
  • Coin Launcher: Coins are now team colored only for allied players.
  • Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
  • Shifty Shuffle: Now ends upon a successful counter-grapple.

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