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New Rules

  • Only teams of two and five can be built. If you have three or four, ask in chat for someone to play!
  • Only solos and duo groups are now match made with each other.
  • Teams of five are now only matched with other teams of five.
  • Custom games can now be started with only four players.
  • Pro store menu updated to match the style of the items menu.
  • Death UI now shows the flair equipped by the person who did the damage.
  • Removed confirmation for quitting out of a replay.
  • When a replay download completes, button will now change to "PLAY" when that replay is selected.
  • Added the XP bar back to the old location next to chat.
  • Added new effect for speed boosts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed GG Stack and Chip Valvano talking about turrets that can't be rebuilt when they can.
  • Fixed returning to the wrong game mode UI after a match.
  • Fixed login screen hangup when there is no connection to UberNet.
  • Fixed controls breaking if you taunt at the exact moment of spawn.
  • Fixed some instances of the game hanging when creating a custom game.
  • Fixed several minor UI alignment issues.
  • Fixed various typos and incorrect characters in Pro bios.
  • Fixed GG and Chip from talking about the wrong team when a player lands a Head Crab or Ground Zero.
  • Fixed changing parts of your loadout in Training Camp from not working properly.

Gun Mountain

  • Fixed some turrets being stuck into the ground.
  • Fixed bot lanes on the HUD from being reversed.
  • Fixed Shelly being able to be stunned.
  • Continued art improvements.
  • Added bot lane holograms.
  • Fixed typo in the spelling of "New Sydney"
  • Shelly: Activation Time: 0.25 -> 2
  • Jumping on or near Shelly will now kill Pros.
  • Trails on Shelly shells are more team colored.


  • Turrets that are prebuilt on the map now have shields that once taken down, do not come back. Player built turrets do not have shields.
  • Fixed turrets from sometimes doing no damage to bots.
  • Turbocross Jackbot Health: 105000 -> 87500
  • All throw and momentum push distances increased by 25%


  • Long Shot Turrets: Will no longer fire at any of its previous 10 targets.
  • Long Shot Turrets: Added radius damage falloff, which means you'll take more damage the closer you are to the epicenter of the explosion.
  • Long Shot Turrets: Added radius momentum falloff, which means you'll only be moved if you're close to the epicenter of the explosion.
  • Long Shot Turrets: Damage: Full/Min: 400/200 -> 300/150


  • Dagger/Sword: Cloak drain per shot: -5 -> -4
  • Shuriken Launcher: Cloak drain per shot: -1.8 -> -1.4


  • Fly: Shooting now drains fly similar to Assassin Cloak
  • Assault Rifle: Fly drain per shot: 0 -> -1
  • Grenade Launcher: Fly drain per shot: 0 -> -5

Captain Spark

  • Megahurtz: Armor damage: 500 -> 250

Combat Girl

  • New Uniform: Pit Girl
  • Combat Healer: Fixed not being able to heal turrets in Turbocross


  • New Uniform: The Illusionist
  • Fixed wings not displaying properly when wearing the Chickey head.
  • Fixed mustache placement.


  • Shifty Shuffle: Grappling as the Wascot will no longer cancel Shifty Shuffle.
  • Shifty Shuffle: Grappling the Wascot while Shifty Shuffle is active will now use your entire cooldown.
  • Party Pooper: Now affects turrets as well as Pros.

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