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New Rules

  • All Zombie uniforms are on sale!
  • Made "MatchMake Me" only match you with other players playing solo.
  • Added a play option of "2x3" for players in groups of 2 and 3. One team of 2 and one team of 3 will be matched against another team of 2 and 3.
  • Added a play option of "Party of Five" for players in groups of 5. Only teams of 5 will be matched against other teams of 5.
  • Activated "Stats" page in the Locker Room.
  • Added Protags! First round of Protags includes tags for overall and Pro-specific time played, kills, and wins.
  • Added "All-Star Leveling": Once you pass level 100, you will go back to level 1 and gain a bot icon next to your name and agent status.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players in region showing on one for teams.


  • Improved the reaction time for all eliminator bots.

Downtown Spunky Arena

  • The Fuzz: Added new use icon to the activation console.

Gun Mountain

  • Shelly: Added new use icon to activation console.
  • Fixed a few walls that Pros could stand on when they shouldn't be able to.
  • Fixed Support's Air Strikes going through floors.
  • Fixed Captain Spark from being able to Arc Flash into a small space beneath the player spawner.
  • Fixed some instances of bots taking down the Moneyball before the final RockIt turrets are destroyed.

Loco Moco Arena

  • Fixed placement of one of the Icemen turrets to match the location on the Hotshots side.


  • Starburst Grenade Launcher: Fixed description
  • Twilight Grenade Launcher: Fixed description
  • Fly: Drain per shot: Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher: -1/-5 -> -0.75/-3.75

Captain Spark

  • Voltage Spike: Fixed not getting charges when damaging Bullseye, Moneyball, and a few other things.

Combat Girl

  • Fixed some missing uniform pants in the store when you filtered for Combat Girl.
  • Combat Healer: Fixed the hurt beam from not connecting to the Moneyball.
  • Combat Healer: Healing base turrets after they are at full health in Turbocross no longer grants money.


  • New Uniform: The Talon


  • New Uniform: Masked Mumbler
  • Heal/Hurt Gun: Healing base turrets after they are at full health in Turbocross no longer grants money.


  • Shifty Shuffle: Fixed some instances of the skill being used on the client but not used on the server. Thus resulting in being used but doing nothing.

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