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ShaveIce is a type of turret which can be purchased at turret foundations placed around arenas in Monday Night Combat. ShaveIce turrets passively slow the movement of enemy Bots and Pros that come in range of it, and the effect increases the longer the target stays in the target area. You can see when a Pro is in range of a ShaveIce from the blue mist around their feet. This helps to show where cloaked Assassins and Gremlins are. The ShaveIce also works through walls so putting it under a platform can help protect from Pros who have taken the high ground. The ShaveIce emits its effect in a radius around the Turret, the blue mist around it is only a visual effect and is not the only area Pros are slowed in.
ShaveIce Level 3 concept art

The concept art of a ShaveIce Turret.

The Level 1 ShaveIce costs $100 and only slows down when the enemies are very close to it. A Level 2 ShaveIce costs $200 and a Level 3 ShaveIce costs $400.

When hacked (especially at Level 3 and Hack 3), the ShaveIce becomes an incredible tool. Players can be slowed down from a very long distance away and can cover almost all of the bases on any arena. The ShaveIce is almost necessary in harder levels of Blitz when the bots can run faster. The ShaveIce can also be useful in Crossfire when the opossing team has a juiced player rushing into the base, they usually avoid firing at the ShaveIce turret because they think of it as little threat, but allows you to delay their mayhem longer.

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