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Shelly CannonsEdit

The Shelly Cannons are two big guns located on the right and left side of
2012-05-13 00002

The Shelly Cannon switch

Gun Mountain

The Shelly Cannons cost 750$ each and they recharge every 2 1/2 minutes. The switches for the Shelly Cannons are located on two seperate platforms, which are below the actual cannons. They have a cooldown ring to display how much time is left until it will be active again. Unlike the Annihilator the Shelly Cannons will shoot 2 seconds after purchase. The Annihilator and the Shelly Cannons share the same switches.


The Shelly Cannons serve three primary purposes:
Shelly CannonRed

Hotshots Shelly Cannon

  • Scatter enemy pros from the lane due to it now being a death zone. Many players duck into the jungle to hide from the bombardment, some into the middle of the map, making a sneak attack much easier as possible hiding places and escape routes are severely limited.
  • Ring Out enemy Pros. Gun Mountain features a lot of easy Ring Out areas, and the $75 Ring Out bonus can make back money used to activate Shelly..
  • Destroy Bots and damage enemy Turrets, but only on one half of the map. The turret damage is enormously helpful in a push, as enemy pros would not be there to hinder you while you wail on it.


  • "Shelly" is named after GG Stack's ex-wife's nickname.

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