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The Skewer is Artemis' primary weapon. It fires one arrow at a time with just about perfect accuracy. It deals moderate damage on a bodyshot, and increased damage on a headshot, similar to the other Sharpshooter's primaries. While usable at any range, the Skewer is most effective at mid to far range, as it has no fall off and near perfect accuracy.

The Skewer's alt-fire is a charging and aiming mode. The camera zooms up behind Artemis' shoulder and a circle is drawn around the reticle. The longer the alt-fire key is held, the higher damage the Skewer deals upon release of the key. It maxes out when the circle is complete. While holding the alt-fire, you must also hold left click to prepare the arrow. While the alt-fire is active, Artemis moves more slowly. Once the shot if fully charged, the arrow penetrates bots and players.

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