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Sniper skill picker

The Skill Picker is basically the "level up" feature of Monday Night Combat. As its namesake suggests, it allows players to pick and upgrade different skills that a certain pro has. As you may or may not have read from the Skills page of this wiki, there are four different skills that a player can upgrade; three button activated skills and one passive skill. There is a certain amount of money that you need to spend to upgrade each skill, from Level 1 to 2 costs $150$ and from Level 2 to 3 cost $400. To get to the Skill Picker, press the up directional button on your Xbox controller or (by default) the B key on your keyboard for the PC version. To select different skills in the Skill Picker, press the directional button, corresponding to the direction that the skill is pointing or (in the Steam version) pressing the skill's corresponding number (the skills are numbered clockwise 1 to 4; Blue is 1, Yellow is 2, Red is 3, and Gray (the passive skill) is 4).

Skill Picking StrategyEdit

  • It's best to upgrade skills that you will use most. If you find you don't use a particular skill that much, don't upgrade it and save the money for other uses.
  • Some Skills can still be used efficiently, even when still at level 1.
  • The Passive Skill (the grey skill shown in the picture) is usually the best skill to build as it often supplies enhanced capabilities similar to Endorsements (Critical shot, health, etc.) That said, every skill has its use, and it is prudent to upgrade them as well as the need arises.
  • Some skills you may want to keep at a certain level for certain effects (example, Assault's Charge grapples enemies at level 3 but runs straight through them at level 2).
  • You are immobile while Skill Picking and completely defenseless; furthermore, characters that are Skill Picking are clearly noticeable (they will be surrounded by colored rings representing their skill levels). It is best to go into the Skill Picker from the safety of your base. If you must Skill Pick on the field, plan ahead so you can act quickly and return to the action.


  • Some skills can be activated without pressing the actual Skill button (Assault's Fly, Assassin's Dash).
  • There are two ProTags associated with the Skill Picker. A Pro that is killed while Skill Picking gets the "Better Things To Do" Highlight; some people use this ProTag as somewhat of a joke. On the other hand, killing a Pro that is Skill Picking earns the "Caught' Em Napping" Highlight.
  • You don't get any bonus for not spending money, so invest in your skills.
  • Each time you upgrade a skill, you get a bonus to one of your Pros attributes (offense, deffense, specialties). These are purely cosmetic and were added to show, on what role the Pro is best suited for (attacking, defending or using skills).

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