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"Get your edge back faster, with FocusAll! (Now in sandwich-spreadable form!)"
-- FocusAll Advertising Slogan

Skill Recovery Endorsements increase the rate at which a player's Skills recharge after use, effectively decreasing the time it takes for them to recharge. All skills benefit from these endorsements, including "drain" skills like the Assassin's Cloak.

The recovery time for the Assassin's Grapple is also directly effected by Skill Recovery endorsements.

Endorsement Levels Edit

Bronze Silver Gold
FocusAll symbol Skill Pill symbol Aptilube symbol
FocusAll Skill Pill Aptilube
-20% Recharge Time

Lost your edge? Try FocusAll.

Talent Depleted? Get your edge back faster with Focusall. Now in sandwich spreadable form.

-25% Recharge Time

Skill Pill! One pill and you're hooked. Yes people, we KNOW the pills are big! PLEASE! Stop calling us.

They say some craftsmen take decades to master their art. But in a day and age where the average life expectancy is twenty-eight do you really have that much time? Get better, faster, with the Skill Pill.

-33% Recharge Time

Aptilube! Patience, practice and persistence now come in bottle form.

Trust the expert in a bottle used by more surgeons, lawyers and safecrackers than any other kind of skill enhancement system.