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Pro's Information
Used by: Gunner
Slot: One (Blue)
Skill Type: Direct
Skill Levels
Level 1: Damages, Stuns, and Knocks Back enemy Bots and Pros
Level 2: Increased Slam Damage and Radius
Level 3: Further Increased Slam Damage and Radius

The Gunner's Slam is his blue skill, allowing him to hit the ground and send out a damaging shockwave that can stun Bots and Pros, as well as knocking them back and slowing them. Each upgrade to the Slam skill increases the damage and radius of the shockwave. A Gunner can pancake a Pro by performing a Slam while in mid-air directly above the Pro.

  • A fully upgraded Slam has a very high chance of ringing out other pro's, particulary Assassins after a failed assassination attempt.
  • The Gunner performs a slam with his weapon to the ground when he is not in the air and performs a body slam when he is.
  • Slaming can be a very good way of stunning a large crowd of bots. It will also destoy Slimbots instantly, but will not stun the Jackbot XL.
  • It also great to seperate a pro from his support buddy, or for giving a juiced assassin what for.
  • The slam will also slow down enemies when they land. So if you didn't get that ring out go for the easy minigun kill.
  • You should try to slam after a charge by the assault, or jet charge by the tank. It may save you from getting knocked out of the ring.