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The following is a list of quotes and catch-phrases used by the Sniper in Monday Night Combat:


  • Sniper Rifle: "Allright! I got a plan and I need one more! Who wants to take a bullet for me?"
  • SMG: "If speed and deadly accuracy had children, I'd be their favorite!"

Upgrading a SkillEdit

  • "Niice!"
  • "Heck yeah!"
  • "I got skills to the gills! Ha ha!"

On FireEdit

  • (Yells in pain) "Hotsie totsie! He he he. Ow! That's hot!"
  • "Right, huh? You see it. I'm hot! Oh, whoo! Whoo hoo! I'm hot! Hot! Hot, hot hot!"

Affected by ShaveIceEdit

  • "Gotta get outta here, it's so cold. My high metabolism isn't helping me now."
  • "Oh, it's so cold. Oh, it's so cold. Oh, it's so cold..."

Kills or AssistsEdit

  • "Not bad...but let's not get sloppy out here!"
  • "Oh yeah. Own-age!"
  • "Yeah! Eat it!"
  • "Oops! Ha ha ha!"
  • "Hey, at least you made the highlight reel! Ha ha!"
  • "Ooh, didn't see that coming, did ya?!"
  • "At least someone else out here is doing their job!"
  • "Note to self: get footage of that for my personal reel."
  • "If that's not the LaseRazor Kill of the Game, I don't know what is!"
  • Headshot: "One shot, one kill!"
  • Headshot: "Boom! Headshot."
  • Headshot: "Yes, I just...! Uh, hello! Anyone? I just shot someone in the head!"
  • Ring-out: "YES! That still counts! Im adding that to my kill total."


  • Full Juice: "!"
  • Juiced Up: "Teams with good Juice management: 93% win rate! Look it up!"


  • "Uh, could we get an official review on that?!"
  • "Tank's in charge of my assets!"
  • "A little protection! I'm only your single greatest asset out here!"
  • "Ow! Please don't do that again..."
  • "Oh, you're deeeaaad...!"
  • "Unacceptable!"
  • "Oh Come ON! I wanna win here, remember WINNING?"
  • "I call system hacks!"


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