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Pro's Information
Used by: Sniper
Slot: Three (Red)
Skill Type: Grapple
Skill Levels
Level 1: Minor Damage
Spins Target 180 degrees
Level 2: Increased Damage
Short Throw
Level 3: Further Increased Damage
Increased Throw Distance

The Sniper's Grapple is his Slot 3 (Red) skill, and allows him to grapple an enemy Bot or Pro with any weapon out. At level 1, the grapple merely does some damage and spins the target 180 degrees, setting them up for another attack. Upgraded to Level 2, a Sniper's grapple damage increases, and, against enemy Pros and Bots (excluding the Jackbot) throws them in a high, wide arc (with the Sniper Rifle out, he strikes the pro in a golf-club-like fashion; with the SMG out, he gives them a jump kick). At Level 3, the damage and range of this throw attack is increased.

Note that the Sniper Grapple is a separate skill from the SMG's alt-fire grapple, which means that they do not share a cool-down timer. The SMG grapple can be used while the Sniper Grapple is recharging, and vice-versa.

Snipers, like Assassins, are valuable during Jackbot attacks, as their grapple attacks deal significant damage to the Jackbot, despite being the two frailest classes in terms of absorbing damage. A sniper is the only class that can kill the Jackbot using his grapple alone.


  • This attack can be used in conjunction with the Sniper's SMG grapple to kill a Jackbot in seconds.

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