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Spunky Cola Downtown
Game Mode Super Crossfire, Turbocross
Bot Lanes 2
Turrets per Team 6
Bot Spawners per Team 4
Neutral Bot Spawners 4
Jump Pads 10
Regenitol Vendors 4
Metabolightning Vendors 8
Spunky Vendors 6
Ejectors 2
Other Hazards The Fuzz
Jungle Type Small and cramped below the map.

Spunky Cola Downtown is the third Super MNC map to hit the game. It features an urbanistic theme with tubatures and ads placed around the walls of the arena.

The layout is inspired by the Spunky Cola Arena from the original MNC. Unlike it's predecessor features it two strictly separated lanes that often confront uncoordinated teams with the challenge to organize their pushes and defence between both lanes alike. Gaining control over the center of the map is crucial for success.


The Jungle is placed under the bottom part of the map instead of having it at the top such as Loco Moco and Bullet Gorge do. It is the smallest jungle in the game and doesn't provide any cover to hide.


The Annihilator is in the jungle, surrounded by four deadly bottomless pits and a bunch of pillars to provide a little cover. It is open at the top, allowing to put suppressing fire on it from the lanes above.


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