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Steel Peel arena

Steel Peel Arena

MNC SteelPeel Top Down

Top down view of SteelPeel Arena.

Steel Peel Arena is one of the six Arenas in the Crossfire game mode.


  • Inside the dome there is a high chance that someone will be picking off Pros and Bots on the ledges above. If that person is on the other team, catch them off guard while they are busy attacking people on the ground by grappling them, or take them out by afar if you want to keep you hands clean.
  • There are very few places for a Long Shot turret to fire effectively, and Gap Shots also have a difficult time being effective. Supports would be well-advised to not spend money on the Gap Shot, and turret choices should lean toward the direct-fire.
  • The walls on the side entrance are incomplete with thin openings. Players and Firebases propped on the left bridge are easily sniped from this position.
  • Hacked Firebases carefully positioned behind one of the glass walls in the exits that lead into the main circle can harass bots in both lanes coming towards your Moneyball, in addition to taking out Pros coming through that entrance. However, a carefully angled Sniper Rifle, Railgun, Grenade Launcher, Shuriken or Mortar user can take the Firebase out from a safe distance.


  • The Annihilator is located above a pit in the center of the arena. Exercise caution when trying to get there, otherwise you may end up falling through and dying.
  • Move through your side entrance into the 2-level ring area with windows. On the wall outside, you should see a Steel Peel endorsement banner. Players can freely stand and walk above this area. Get on the lower outside window, use your jump with whatever jetpack you have to get on the main upper window. If you hug the wall, you can jump onto the invisible floor. It's not a highly practical spot, though. You can hit a bot spawn point, 2 turret nubs, and not much room for anything else. It's not an area where anybody but a Sniper would sit, and a Sniper will get you easily.


Located in Capital City, North America

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