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Super Blitz is an updated version of the original Blitz mode from MNC. A preview version of it was made available to all Agents with the Release Rule Change 17.


In Super Blitz does a team of five players try to defend their Moneyball as long as possible against better and better waves of bots (with Uber's internal record being wave 120). It is depicted as a match against GG Stack, who is in control of the bot waves and wants you to lose at all costs while taunting you for any new wave, destroyed turret and damaged Moneyball.

The players are able to purchase turrets and arena hazards with the money they gain from destroyed bots to achieve their goal.

After every 10 rounds there is a minigame break in which the players can earn some money and prizes such as Chickey and Bacon buffs.


Regular WavesEdit

These are the most common types of bot waves in Blitz. Starting with only Slim Bots in the beginning, it soon introduces Shady Bots and FujiBots in larger masses that eventually become too much to handle for turrets alone.

Eliminator WavesEdit

This wave features only Eliminator Bots, that means there is no danger for the Moneyball here but players find themselves targeted by massive amounts of Scramblers, Black Jacks, Bouncers and Buzzers.

Mixed WavesEdit

At around wave 50, the game starts to mix Eliminator and Regular Waves. Scramblers will lock the player's skills down while Bouncers charge in and stun them so that the Breach Bots can use the chaos around the turrets to slip past to the Moneyball.

Milestone WaveEdit

Every 10th wave features a large onslaught that usually involves several Jackbots at once. Powerful Gapshots appear as well to take out the player's turrets from the distance. It is advised to spare the Annihilator for these waves.


One of these minigames is picked randomly to be played after every 10 rounds.


Bullseye runs around and drops random items. Shooting him does not grant additional cash, though.

Juice BotEdit

Juice Bot runs around and drops random items, with a higher drop chance for juice packs.

Chickey CantorEdit

Chickey Cantor is on the field and can be shot for a temporary team-wide buff. Riding him once will fully deplete his HP.

Coin RainEdit

Coins are dropping from the sky and can be picked up for a little bonus cash. Lasts about 30 seconds.

Find the Real BaconEdit

Lots of Tofu Bacons are dropping from the sky. Among them is one real Bacon. The player to pick it up first is not only granted the Bacon buff but also an additional $1000.

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