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Taunts are individual animations that can be played on demand by pros at any time. Opponents that were killed by you see close-ups of your taunts while they wait for their respawn.

Taunting has also a psychological effect on players and may easily cause the taunted player to go especially after the player who taunted him in order to get retribution, causing him to easily make mistakes.

Money GainEdit

Taunting grants the taunting player a bit money. The exact amount depends on several factors:

  • Just taunting will grant you twice the number of your current level in cash. I.e. a level of 5 grants you $10; a level of 15 results in $30.
  • Taunting within 10 seconds after a kill grants you five times the amount of your level. A level of 5 will grant you $25 and so on.
  • Taunting while juiced will grant you ten times the amount of your level if the taunt ends before your juice runs out. A level of 15 grants you $150.

Individual TauntsEdit

For the taunts of the individual Pros, see their respective pages:

Taunt BundlesEdit

Some taunts are available for all pros. You still need to posses an individual version of the taunt for each pro.

Tea TimeEdit

These taunts feature a small tea table and the pro standing next to it while dipping a tea bag in a teacup on the table.

It is a reference to the term teabagging, which is the act of crouching over the head of a killed player in multiplayer games, suggesting to lower their virtual crotch on the face of their victim.

The taunt is accompanied by a short music cue and in some cases also a comment by the pro on the tea.


Released around Valentine, this taunt pack allows pros to grab a box of pralines from behind their back and holding them into the camera.

The taunt is accompanied by a music cue, a statement of the pro and some roses as particle effects.

Monday Night FeverEdit

Blinking squares on the floor and a disco ball are included in this taunt while the pro performs a short dance move while music and the lyrics "Just Dance" are played.

Monday Night MetalEdit

The pro grabs en electric guitar, plays a short tune and slides on his knees to the front, accompanied by stage fireworks.

Summer GrillingEdit

The pro stands next to a grill with some bacon strips on it while holding a spatula. The grill has some steam coming from it. The animations and voice lines are kept individual for each pro.

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