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The following is a list of quotes and catch-phrases used by the Support in Monday Night Combat:


Upgrading a SkillEdit

  • "Like-a Gray Fox, I cannot wait to show off my new skills!"
  • "I'm-a skilled now, like-a the eel!"
  • "Bene." (Italian: 'good; well-done', etc.)

Killing or AssistsEdit

  • Ring Out: "Arrivederci!" (Goodbye!) or "Arrivederci. . .fat-head!"
  • "Boy oh boy, they gonna come back and be angry now! Watch!"
  • "Many hounds chase the hare, but only one catches it!"
  • "My heart a-sings!"
  • "My heart is a-filled with joy!"
  • Turret Kill: "Their turret is a-broken!"
  • Air-Strike Kill: "Hey, it's better than drowning, no?"

Spotting a BotEdit

  • "Gap Shot!"
  • "Gremlins!"
  • "Oh look at the Gremlin!"
  • "Bouncer!"
  • "Jack-a Bot!


  • Juice Ready: "How you say... I'm a-bursting full of the Juices!"
  • Using Juice: "It's like my heart's a-drinking a million espressos!"


  • "A thousand years' revenge on you...!"
  • "Oh, I'm a-steaming madness now!"
  • "You are be joking on-a me!?"


  • Starting a Hack: "H'okay! We gonna hack into the turret now!"
    • Finished Hack: "I am an artiste!"
    • Finished Hack: "Their turret is-a mine now! Ha-ha-ha!" (Level 3 Hack)
  • Air Strike: "How you say... we gonna make it rain now!"
  • When Bullseye "dies": "What a punk!"
  • Caught on fire : "Oo-hoo! My body is spicy! Not in a good way, but very spicy."

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