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Support`s Portrait

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"I am skilled now, like-a the eel!"
-- The Support

Pro's Information
Used by: Support
Slot: Four (Grey)
Skill Type: Passive
Skill Levels
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: Increased Armor and Health Recovery
Bot Support Aura
Level 3: Further Increased Armor and Health Recovery

The Support's passive skill improves his effectiveness at escorting waves of friendly Bots to the enemy's Money Ball during Crossfire events. While more useful during Crossfire, the added survivability is also beneficial during Blitz matches, as the Support is normally one of the more fragile Pros, and is not well-suited for enduring prolonged enemy fire. Extra health and health regeneration help mitigate any stray shots that come the Support's way.

The Level 2 skill increases the Support's total health, his health regeneration, and adds a 'Bot Support' aura. When added, the Support Aura is marked by a purple antenna which protrudes from the back of the Support's armor. When friendly Bots enter the Support's area of influence, they sprout an identical antenna, showing that their weapons and armor are improved by the Support's presence. These antenna-markers remain in place, even after leaving the area of the Support's aura.

The Level 3 upgrade further increases the Support's total health and health regeneration, improving his survivability while on offense, but by no means putting him on equal footing with the more combat-oriented Pros like the Tank or Gunner.

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