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The following is a list of quotes and catch-phrases used by the Tank in Monday Night Combat:


Upgrading a SkillEdit

  • "Alright, alright, let's not get excited."
  • "So the old dog's learned a new trick... heh, lesse if he fetches."
  • "Heh, let's show these S.O.B's we mean business, huh?"

Kills or AssistsEdit

  • Ring Out: "Outta my way!"
  • Ring Out: "Don't stand so close to the edge next time!"
  • Ring Out: "Gravity sucks! Deal with it."
  • "I should get excited? Over what?"
  • "Hey, alright."
  • "Okay, not bad."
  • "Good enough."
  • "Lookin' good!"
  • "Hey, I'll take it!"
  • "Tough guy, eh?"


  • On getting full Juice: "I'm Juiced! Time to squeeze the lemon!"
  • On activating Juice: "Ooh, man, what a RUSH!"


  • "I would say my luck ran out, but I didn't have any to begin with!"
  • "What, did I break a mirror or somethin'?"
  • "Practice and skill ain't no match for bad luck."
  • "What is this?! Dump On The Tank Day?!"
  • "You're just pissin' me off."


  • When deploying: "We'll see how long this lasts."
  • When Bullseye "dies": "What an idiot."

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