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Taunts may be performed by any of the Pros during a match. What taunt is performed depends on the class of Pro, what weapon they are holding, and what Gear they are wearing. You can perform a taunt by holding right on the D-pad and pressing the A button (H on PC). They consist of a 2-5 second time when you have no control over your Pro while you taunt the defeated enemies.

If performed immediately after killing another Pro or while using Juice additional money is awarded to the player, up to $100 if used directly afterwards.

While taunting, Pros earn Juice if damage is taken; this is to encourage taunting even in risky situations. The juice gain is roughly equal to the Tank's juice gain while deployed.


Monday Night Combat - All Taunts Actions01:33

Monday Night Combat - All Taunts Actions

Monday Night Combat - Outlander Taunts00:40

Monday Night Combat - Outlander Taunts

Monday Night Combat - Retro & Beta Gear Taunts00:41

Monday Night Combat - Retro & Beta Gear Taunts

Monday Night Combat - Summer Gear and New Taunts01:31

Monday Night Combat - Summer Gear and New Taunts


  • If you taunt after killing an enemy Pro, you will get either $50 or $100 added to your money, depending on how soon you taunt after the kill. The timer is short (official time needed), so it needs to be performed quickly or the bonus will be lost.
  • Taunting normally will award you $5. Doing this repeatedly will award you more money, but will leave you out of the action and will annoy your team. If you feel the need, it's usually best to taunt before leaving your Spawn Area after dying, or when no one's around and you need the extra money for an upgrade. (e.g. you have $300 and you need to upgrade a skill, or you could kill some Pros and bots and not be a liability to your team).
  • Hold Right on the D-pad and press A to do a taunt (H on the PC).
  • Taunting while juiced will award you with $100. Taunting after a kill while juiced will award you with $200.
  • Sometimes the game glitches and gives you $500 dollars for a normal taunt.
  • The Assassin has relatively short taunts.
    • Some players exploit this and taunt numerous time while Juiced with the Assassin. As they can get $1000 easily (This appears to be fixed in the Steam version; you are only allowed one Taunt bonus per Juicing).
  • The Assassin can activate her cloak even when taunting; this leads to great cash gain with reduced threat of being discovered by ambushers.
  • The Sniper has long taunts, probably due to his showboating nature.
  • Usually, Secondary Weapon taunts are shorter then Primary Weapon Taunts (the Gunner is an exception as is the Assassin once she gets a Sword).
  • Taking damage while taunting will boost your juice; however you can still die while taunting.
  • Pros can still be grappled while taunting, thus interrupting it.
  • Sometimes a taunt can glitch leaving you with full control over your Pro but locking the camera in place.

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