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The Audience is the group of people the show Monday Night Combat broadcasts to, technically speaking, the player is a member of the television audience, as he watches and hears the game as though it was coming from a Television (or the standard entertainment device in the time of Monday Night Combat). The Audience can also refer to the live audience in the stands.

The Television AudienceEdit

The Television Audience are the people who watch the show from home, and the player is essentially one of them (with the added bonus of controlling a MNC Pro) whenever a Blitz game ends a wave (10 rounds) a Commercial Break occurs, in which the Television Audience is told of a random endorsement for the Pros, and is given a vague description of what it does. The only other reference to the Television Audience is an occasional random quote by Mickey Cantor after a kill or at the end of the game ("If you're still watching this at home, YOU'VE GOTTA GET DOWN HERE, we've got standing room only tickets still available!)

The Live AudienceEdit

The Live Audience is the giant crowd located in the bleachers of an Arena. They are poorly rendered, due to animation budget and time. The Live Audience is arguably the most criticized thing in Monday Night Combat, many critics calling it "something off a Nintendo 64 game" or "a giant sea of puke people" or "a huge ugly ring". The crowd cheers after a kill and cheers even louder when a Pro taunts after said kill. Other then this, not much reference is made to the Live Audience. Except the occasional announcements.

Super Monday Night CombatEdit

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