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The Spunky Cola Downtown Arena now features a new unique hazard: "The Fuzz" -

A single Icemen Fuzz Bot

When used, a swarm of Fuzz bots will fly along the top of the middle wall and ring damaging anything they hit. Costing 500$ with a recharge time of 60 seconds. They look like the Buzzers from Monday Night Combat and change color depending on which team spawns them.


  • Fuzz Bots explode on contact with enemy Pros dealing enough damage to kill injured pros.
  • Every explosion does 600 damage, they explode so fast that once you are caught within their explosions you will most likely die.


  • Fuzz Bots make a distinct buzzing noise like a swarm of bees, if you hear them immediatelly jump off the middle wall and ring.
  • Activate the Fuzz Bots if more than one enemy pro is standing on the middle wall and you might get a few extra kills.
  • They can make a useful deterrent when escaping the enemy's regenitol room, or crossing the center ring (if another player presses the button for you), but will not stop bullets or other projectiles.


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