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Tommy Gun
Pro's Information
Used by: Cheston
Slot: Primary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Bullet
Alternate Fire: Banana Peel

The Tommy Gun is Cheston's Primary weapon in Super Monday Night Combat. It is a quick-firing machine gun with a default magazine of 100 rounds. However, its impressive damage and high rate of fire is offset by the fact that it loses significant accuracy the longer it fires in a continuous burst. The in-game crosshair icon will expand as the weapon is fired, representing the rapid deterioration of Cheston's aim.

The alternate fire for this weapon launches a Banana Peel from the under-barrel grenade launcher. This peel will remain on the Arena floor for a period of time, or until an enemy Pro steps on it. When they do, the peel causes them to slip and stumble, temporarily stunning them.

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