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Pro's Information
Used by: Sniper
Slot: Two (Yellow)
Skill Type: Trap
Skill Levels
Level 1: Slows Pros/Bots
One Active Trap
Level 2: Freezes Pros/Bots
Two Active Traps
Increased Radius
Level 3: Freezes Pros/Bots
Three Active Traps
Further Increased Radius
Drains Pro Skills

Traps are the Slot 2 (Yellow) Sniper skill designed for Crowd Control and set up targets for Headshots. It appears as a metal and team-colored oval piece of metal which the Sniper tosses on the floor when the Skill is activated. After a second or two, the device projects a holographic, team-colored sphere around it, indicating the radius of effect. Note that this is only visible to the Sniper that deployed the trap; other players and bots cannot see this radius projection, though they can see the device itself and hear its distinctive humming sound when they get near. Once an enemy Pro or Bot steps into the Trap's radius, the device detonates, projecting freezing cold vapor in all directions which either slows or freezes any enemies that were caught in the blast.

At Level 1, traps merely slow down affected targets, and only 1 trap can be placed at a time. Deploying a new trap will remove the one you previously placed. When upgraded to Level 2, traps freeze targets in position for several seconds, 2 traps can be placed at a time (deploying a third trap will remove the first one you set), and the radius of effect is expanded. Also, once at level 2, a Trap can be deployed when the skill meter is only half-charged, reducing the time needed to set up your defenses. When upgraded to Level 3, traps still freeze targets in place, but also drains a Pro's usable skills as well; in addition, 3 traps can be placed at a time and the radius of effect expands even further.

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