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Turbocross is the new gamemode which was introduced in Rule Change 7. Turbocross has been described by many as a mode which returns Super MNC to the original Monday Night Combat's approximate game speed.


These are the new features of Turbocross:

  • Higher lethality - Health set to Super Crossfire level 15, damage even higher.
  • Rebuildable Turrets - nubs come back after 3 minutes
  • All throw and momentum push distances increased by 25%
  • Faster Movement of Bots and Pros
  • No passive health and damage improvements as you level up
  • Pros still level up to enable skill upgrading.
  • Prebuilt turret setup per lane:
    • Front - Level 3 Lazer Blazer
    • Middle - Turret nub
    • Moneyball - Level 3 RockIt
  • Turrets that are prebuilt on the map now have shields that once taken down, do not come back. Player built turrets do not have shields.
  • More powerful Jackbots
  • "March of the Jackbots" starts at 15 minutes
  • Respawn times are initially very fast but increase as the game goes on.
  • No one hit kills, but pretty close!
  • CC and XP awards are calculated differently but in the same approximate rate as Super Crossfire
  • Products and Endorsements are still enabled.
  • Health regeneration takes a longer time to start but recovers much more quickly.
  • Juice heals you to full.
  • Breach bots still spawn the same way as Super Crossfire, although they move faster.

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