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Super MNCEdit

MNC Gameplay 1

A Tank surveys a Longshot and LazerBlazer

In Super MNC, turrets are specialized, static "towers" that must be destroyed before bots can move on to the Moneyball. In Super Crossfire, turrets cannot be repaired or rebuilt once destroyed, but come with a special shield that prevents all damage from any source except bot damage. Only bots can take down turret shields. Once the shield is down, unless it is damaged in 20 seconds, it will go back up. Shields are noted by their moving "net"-like feature. There are only two kinds of turrets in Super Crossfire: the Lazer Blazer and RockIt. Separate from these are the Support's Firebase which sports a small gatling gun of its own, Combat Girl's Combat Kitties that can be placed any wall-like surface, and Leo's Venice Defense, which fires small missiles at long distances.


Each arena comes with two sets of Lazer Blazer turrets, in certain positions in the arena, and one set of RockIts, which are positioned around the Moneyball. Lazer Blazers are encountered in level 2 and 3 quality, in that order, while RockIts are always level 3. In Super Crossfire, these turrets have to be destroyed before your bots can take down the enemy Moneyball. Only bots can break the shields that protect the turrets, making them a greater priority to destroy and to escort. If a turret's shields are down, any source of damage can keep the shield down. RockIts pose the biggest threat to Pros, forcing them to use bots to absorb the damage while they damage it out of harm's way. Once a turret is destroyed, it is destroyed for good and cannot be replaced in any manner. Destroyed turrets grant the destroying team a $200 bonus.


  • Any Pro Kills made by a Turret will go to the last Pro to hit the dead enemy Pro.
  • Strikers are ideal for destroying turrets while out of harm's way. Using their secondary, or primary in regards to Megabeth, they can deal massive amounts to the turret without having to expose themselves.

Circumventing Turrets Edit

There is a number of ways to get past a turret or make an opening for easy attacking. Most skills that stun will do this, as well as certain skills that open an opportunity in different ways. Such skills are:

-The Veteran's primary alt fire will stun bots and turrets if they're caught in it--this is risky as the stun effect is very short.

-The Assassin's cloak will make a turret ignore her, allowing her to easily gank an enemy running to their spawn or slash the turret itself to death.

-Karl's Short Circuit is also capable of stunning a turret.

-Tank's Product Grenade at level 3 will stun an unshielded turret and, at level 4, heavily damage it, assuming every split of the grenade hits.

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