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The Tutorial of Monday Night Combat is fairly simple. You play as an Assault Class, and it teaches you how to: move, look around, use your weapon, use your secondary fire, switch weapons, how to purchase Skills and tell you what they do, the different kinds of Bots, how to build Turrets, and defend the Moneyball. At the end of the tutorial, you earn the "Rookie" highlight.


  1. Right Analog Stick to look around (And asks if you want to invert your controller).
  2. Right Trigger to fire.
  3. Right Bumper to reload.
  4. Left Trigger to use alternate fire, or in this case, to aim.
  5. Left Bumper to switch to secondary weapon.
  6. Left Trigger to Grapple as an alternate fire.
  7. 'X' Button to throw a Bomb, and 'X' Button to detonate it.
  8. 'Y' Button to activate Jetpack.
  9. 'B' Button to Charge.
  10. Up on the D-Pad to upgrade Skills
  11. Introduction to the Spawnable Bots
  12. Bullseye the Mascot Introduction
  13. How to build Turrets.
  14. Defend against 5 waves of Bots.

Step 11 - The waves of bots go like this:


  • You are nearly invincible in terms of health, as you have way more than you would in any normal match.
  • Killing Bullseye the mascot during the tutorial will unlock an avatar item: the mascot's giant foam head.