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This page lists information on updates to Monday Night Combat posted on this wiki.

Update LogEdit

  • Minrice2099

    This PC update includes:

    New Features

    • Chickey Gear for all Pros
    • Added timer countdown to two minutes until end game / Overtime

    Balance and Adjustments

    • Changed end game rules so that Overtime only triggers if both Moneyballs have the same health when time runs out. If Moneyball healths are not equal, whichever team has the *Moneyball with higher health will win.
    • Improved bot waves by increasing the speed of Blackjacks and decreasing the speed of Slims so that the Blackjacks will more often be in front…
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  • Minrice2099

    It’s the Throwback Throwdown in Monday Night Combat! Uncle Tully's Funland is available tonight in Crossfire with new game play features!

    First up we have Chickey Cantor. He will now spawn in Uncle Tully's Funland. Make Chickey fly away by shooting him and earn a big single-life buff for your entire team! Wait for Chickey to slam the ground and then you can grapple him. Ride him for eight seconds and earn big money! Just be careful, riders tend to be easy targets for enemy Pros. Secondly we’re …

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  • Minrice2099

    This update's focus is two fold. The first is iterating on and pulling back the visibility of the All Star Rating. The All Star Rating system looks at many different aspects of the player’s play and uses an algorithm to come up with a number that represents their skill level. It’s a system that fluctuates over time depending on how you play in every facet of Monday Night Combat. We will continue to improve the system over time. We also wanted to once again show player level and reintroduced tha…

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  • Minrice2099

    This update focuses on the new player experience. With the influx of players coming from PAX East we wanted to make sure that the new Monday Night Combat fans get to play with other new fans without getting rolled over by veterans. With the new All-Star Rating system players will be able to get an idea of their skill level vs the others on their server. The balance adjustments to armor endorsements and the default class changes were aimed at continuing this goal by making the newer players live…

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  • Minrice2099

    This PC update includes:

    New Features

    • Added Dedicated Blitz Servers, commandline and UI support, updated batch files
    • Show Ping in Scoreboard
    • Show Bot Kills in Scoreboard
    • Added ability to rename Custom Classes
    • Bullseye has been practicing his Irish jig gearing up for St Patty’s


    • Beta Gear cutoff time set to 3PM PST to fix unlocking issues
    • Network bandwidth optimization
    • Performance optimization for low end systems
    • Fixed Endorsement draw order in Character Select
    • Removed “All Player receive Juice in Over…
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  • Minrice2099

    This PC update includes:

    New Features

    • Added “You are My PitGirl” Realtime Music Video for all you dreamers out there
    • Added Crimson Gear for all Pros
    • Added Broken Heart Headshot Effect for Snipers wearing Crimson Gear
    • Added Rose Petal Death Effects for all Pros wearing Crimson Gear
    • Players will now earn different “Bot Kill Streaks” when killing bots without dying in Crossfire matches
    • Graphics options have been moved out of HostileEngine. You will still have one more graphics reset with this patch, but …
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  • Minrice2099

    This PC update includes:

    New Features

    • Added Retro Pro Gear Skin
    • Added Preseason Hero Pro Gear Armor and ProTag for players that bought the game during BETA
    • Added Minimum Number of Players to Start option, set to 1 by default
    • First version of Standalone Dedicated Server Files with HLDS integration
    HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game mondaynightcombat -dir INSTALLDIR
    MNCDS comes with a handful of bat files, including a template for customizing your own servers. Server operators need to remember tha…
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  • Minrice2099

    This PC update includes:

    • Fixed some achievements from being awarded at the wrong time or not being awarded at all
    • Fix juice "roar" animation not playing on dedicated servers
    • Fixed Several Patcher Issues that caused crashes
    • Fixed PhysX version related crash issues
    • Fixed ServerBrowser sorting incorrectly disabling servers
    • Focus issues in ServerBrowser fixed
    • Fixed some map loading problems in different languages

    Official announcement

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  • Minrice2099

    This free DLC adds two new Arenas, extra private game options, All Star leveling mode, 47 ProTags, Club Tags, control configurations, loading movies, Mickey Cantor announcements, the Churro pickup, and a host of balance changes.

    Uber Entertainment Blog
    Uber Entertainment Forums

    • Arenas
      • Added a new Crossfire Arena:
        • Spunky Cola Arena: A single lane arena that puts players into the action faster and guaranteeing more explosions, more shooting and more awesome!

    • Added a new Blitz Arena:
      • Survivitol Arena: Bou…

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  • Minrice2099

    The following updates were pushed through the Live Update system:

    • Sniper Grapple Level 2 and 3 damaged retuned
    • Matchmaking adjustments, should help for laggy games (will continue to adjust this week)
    • Ring outs pay $75 instead of $125
    • Adjusted Tank death blossom damage

    Official announcement

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  • Col Jessep

    List of changes and fixes in the Title Update:

    Trial Game

    • Extended trial time to 60 minutes from 30.

    Connectivity and Multiplayer:

    • Reworked the way we handle parties in the pregame lobby to avoid splitting them up.
    • Fixed several issues where host migration would fail immediately.
    • Decreased wait time after a successful host migration.
    • Lobbies will now host migrate and not kick you back to the main menu.
    • If the host leaves during the end of match sequence, the host will migrate and players will return ba…

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  • Nealpro

    Ekanaut has posted a large list of bug fixes being tested for Monday Night Combat's first patch/title update. Highlights include a fix for player being able to directly damage Money Balls; improvements to lobby and network connectivity code, especially when migrating hosts; and a few important balance changes for Support and Assassin Pros.

    DLC plans are also briefly discussed: there are plans for 3 DLC packs containing new content and gameplay adjustments, with the first pack being completely fre…

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  • Col Jessep

    First update goes Live

    August 24, 2010 by Col Jessep

    Uber Entertainment updated MCN the first time using the MNC Live Update System. The update primarily addresses balancing issues.

    Change log:

    • Time between Crossfire matches changed from 60 to 45 seconds
    • minimum number of players needed to start Crossfire changed from 8 to 6
    • custom bot spawner timer changed from 5 to 10 seconds.
    • changed message of the day.

    Visit the Uber Forum for more information...

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