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How to extract image files
1) Go to this site and download Umodel
2) Save it anywhere but the SMNC directory
3) Copy desired *.upk (usually the new textures are located in SMNC FrontEnd, but there are also desirable items in MNCGame) to the Umodel directory
4) Look for desired texture (this may take a while)
PS: Remember to read the read-me in the download. It should help you what command to use to save/extract the file that you want.

To make a page unavailable for edit from other users, I will have to make this page my Sandbox. This will receive edits in the future containing different experimental codes

Uploaded images left untouched for now
NOTIFY annihilator NOTIFY assistkill NOTIFY botkill NOTIFY butt stomp NOTIFY comeback NOTIFY domination NOTIFY domination breaker NOTIFY grapple NOTIFY headshot NOTIFY jackbotkill NOTIFY killstreak NOTIFY killstreak breaker NOTIFY ringout NOTIFY turretkill

Uni bopeep Uni camo Uni darklaser Uni fairytale Uni fireball Uni fireballtank Uni hippy Uni legsofthanks Uni lightlaser Uni lucha Uni mncvet Uni oldmetal Uni outland Uni shevil Uni surf Uni tactical Uni testdummy Uni thelaw Uni tiki Uni valday Uni xmas Uni zombie

Taunt free Taunt default Taunt dance Taunt troll Taunt teatime Taunt valentines

Uniform List
Name Icon Price
Shevil Uni shevil Head Combatcredits 9999
File:Ubercredits.png 9999
Body Combatcredits 9999
File:Ubercredits.png 9999
Legs Combatcredits 9999
File:Ubercredits.png 9999
Total Combatcredits 9999
File:Ubercredits.png 9999

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