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i was playing monday night combat the other day and we were winning a support had an firebase defending both entraces on steel peel arena some guy started flaming us for having an fire base even though he was an assault and could have thrown bombs up there the support said that he was doing it for bot kills and there is a third entrace which they can go through. most of us had juice we collected and launched attack on them and got the shield more than halved he started flaming us again saying that we were juice buyers and had no skill (even though most of us collected it) we won and he started flaming us more calling us fucking noobs get some life you juice buyers) i told him it was a part of the game and we collected it and there are servers who dont have it which he can go to then he said (no fuck you juice buyers you dont collect shit 5 year old no lifer) most of my team left as they didnt want to play with him so next game he and some other guys were playing on grenade iii, he and a gunner were spawn camping with a fire base (he was support) and there was a sniper who was a bodyshooter who spammed alot the other 3 guys were all support who spammed nukes and fire bases on 1 gate i only had 2 others so it was 3v6 and they were on a 200+ ping, so they won by guess what BUYING JUICE and spamming firebases and nukes on us and then this guy camed and said hhahahahahahah you cant win now because you have no juice you no lifer i said that they were buying juice and he replied by just saying more of these things

i saw in next match that he was on same team as me and i instantly left as i refuse to play along side him

this makes me embaresed being an gamer

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