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This PC update includes:

New Features

  • Added Retro Pro Gear Skin
  • Added Preseason Hero Pro Gear Armor and ProTag for players that bought the game during BETA
  • Added Minimum Number of Players to Start option, set to 1 by default
  • First version of Standalone Dedicated Server Files with HLDS integration
HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game mondaynightcombat -dir INSTALLDIR
MNCDS comes with a handful of bat files, including a template for customizing your own servers. Server operators need to remember that the ServerInstance must be incremented for each server that is launched. The maximum number of servers supported on a single machine is 15.


  • Chat support while waiting to respawn and during end of game
  • Server Browser Filter options are now saved to an ini file
  • Added Filter Passworded option in Server Browser
  • Dedicated Server Window shows name of server


  • General improvements in patching process and fixes to startup issues
  • MNC scientists adjusted cloning error that introduced pink eye to Assault and PitGirl
  • Changed Gamertag to Player Name
  • Gear material adjustments for burning, cloaking, rezing out
  • Clock numbers set to high resolution for legibility
  • Mouse scrolling in Server Browser

Official announcement

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