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This PC update includes:

New Features

Gear Chickey
  • Chickey Gear for all Pros
  • Added timer countdown to two minutes until end game / Overtime

Balance and Adjustments

  • Changed end game rules so that Overtime only triggers if both Moneyballs have the same health when time runs out. If Moneyball healths are not equal, whichever team has the *Moneyball with higher health will win.
  • Improved bot waves by increasing the speed of Blackjacks and decreasing the speed of Slims so that the Blackjacks will more often be in front of the slims, allowing them to take the brunt of the damage
  • Reduced money players gain from kill streak bonuses
  • Increased damage done to players by all levels of LaserBazer Turrets
  • Greatly reduced juice given by LazerBlazer Turret fire
  • Reduced the amount of damage reduction players get while juiced
  • Reduced the fire interval bonus players get while juiced
  • Reduced the critical hit multiplier players get while juiced
  • All maps now start with two level two Rock-It turrets
  • Award players who join a game in progress start money plus round money
  • Increased chat character limit
  • Removed All-Star display from Lobby and Scoreboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Hit sounds are not played when shooting allied player or when shot by allied player
  • Assassin cloak and uncloak sounds now only play for enemy assassins, allies will not hear these sounds
  • Chat messages from WebAdmin no longer have [ADMIN] prefix so administrators can better customize the messages.
  • Fixed WebAdmin’s handling of player names and clan tags with invalid characters.

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