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Well this was it: Today was the official release of Monday Night Combat over XBox Live Arcade. As soon as I saw previews for this title, I knew it would be going on my hard drive. It was a cartoony, class-based shooter, that might finally be the XBox's Team Fortress 2 (something I'd been hoping for for a while now—and yes, I know that TF2 is available for the XBox, but It's nothing like it is on the PC). Fortunately, I can say that after a day of playing, I'm only a little bit disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun, very smooth, well put-together game, but it doesn't quite live up to the image of TF2 that It looked so very much like in all the gameplay videos that were released over the past several months. For instance: there's really only two (I would actually say more like one and a half) game modes. There's protect the Money Ball, and protect the Money Ball while attacking another Money Ball. It does kind of impress me that there's no "Deathmatch" because that speaks to the developers' desire to make teamwork essential in the game, a noble endeavor. But could they really not come up with anything more than "Money Balls?" Granted, when TF2 started, there were very few gametypes to choose from, but it was still more than "a little less than two."

This is really my biggest problem with the game, though; my other grievances can be boiled down to "good luck playing single player as anything other than Support," "there could possibly be a bit more variation in map design though it's really not too bad," "the HUD can be a bit cluttered at times, especially when you're trying to find someone that needs healing," "why can't I change class in Blitz?!?!", and "can I see some actual numbers on how upgrades and endorsements are effecting my stats?"

Other than those few issues (and considering how critical I can be of games, movies, etc., those really are just a few issues), I have to say that this game is quite wonderful to play. I found myself enjoying it almost immediately (as soon as I got past my initial shock of "lack of game modes"). The classes are interesting and varied, the player awards and rewards (ProTags, Achievements, Custom Classes) are challenging and worthwhile, the art style and presentation are sleek and entertaining, and the overall feel is simply, well, fun! I hope that it both gathers and keeps a large and supportive community, and I hope that Uber Entertainment can deliver quality support through updates and DLC (hopefully either substantial or cheap/free).

And if you haven't played it yet, download the demo. Uber Entertainment deserves your support for this excellent product.

Minrice2099 05:54, August 12, 2010 (UTC)

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