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A couple months ago, not long after the release of Monday Night Combat, Wikia announced that it would be changing its default style, look, and layout away from the "Monaco" skin that most of its wikis used to something they're currently calling the "New Wikia Look". There has been much opposition to this new format, but because it is inevitable, I thought it best to detail some important parts of it here.

The transition timeline that has been outlined already has anonymous users defaulting to the new look; logged-in users will get the new look on October 20th with the option to go back to the old skin; that option will, however, be removed on November 3rd. The biggest difficulty in this transition will be in making sure that preexisting styles get transfered and updated properly. As of this writing, I am the only active administrator on this wiki, so I will work as best and as fast as I can to get the new skin and styles in working order, but chances are that I will not be able to get to absolutely everything on time. Please leave a comment below or a message on my talk page if you see anything that needs to be fixed or have any other suggestions. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the new layout and features, or check out the update hub.

Thank you for your patience. — minrice2099 (talk | contribs)

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