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Uber is releasing new details on MNC's first DLC pack each day this week to celebrate Halloween. Updates can be seen under the "News" section of the Uber Entertainment website, and include game balance changes, bug fixes, and user-submitted ideas for awesome MNC wallpaper images.

Details from the first three announcements:

  • Part I: balance changes for Pro classes, particularly focusing on Juice accumulation and player-based damage to Money Balls. Also includes changes to turrets.
  • Part II: lots of balance changes to Arenas, with new map features to protect turrets and break up long-range "line of sight." Several balance changes to Sniper and lots of general bug fixes.
  • Part III: more ProTags, new career milestones, more control schemes, more Mickey Cantor voice work, and a new as-yet-unrevealed tasty pickup and does something awesome when grabbed.
  • Part IV: details on the new Arena Spunky Cola Arena! Plus a new Blitz arena, new Blitz Challenge (Super Sudden Death), and lots of options for configuring private games with limits on bots, classes, overtime, Juice, and more.

Stay tuned for more update news!

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