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This isn't quite news for the Game or Uber Entertainment, however I thought it might interest the fans of the game and the editors of the Wiki:

As some of you may know, I'm working on battle simulations for each Pro and their weapons. I have completed the following:

Assault vs. Assault (Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher)

Assassin vs. Assassin (Sword vs. Shuriken)

Tank vs. Gunner (Jet Gun vs. Minigun).

Tank vs. Gunner (Class Battle)

Here are the results:

Assault Rifle beat out Grenade Launcher with 73 out of 100 battles won.

Sword managed to come out on top with 52 out of 100 battles won.

The Jet Engine Gun got a close shave of a victory with 51 out of 100 battles won.

And finally, the Gunner dominated with 93 battles won out of 100.

Check my page for more information on the Simulation Pages. And check my blog for more match-ups and victors.

(Note: The Simulations are based off 50 battles in a battle simulator and 50 battles in the Monday Night Combat game. 25 of the fifty Game Simulations are done by two people who have never played before and the other 25 are done by two professionals at the game. The final result is based off of my own mathematics and the results of the 100 battles.)

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