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Venice Defense
Pro's Information
Used by: Leo
Slot: Two
Skill Type: Turret
Skill Levels
Level 1: 1230 base health; 1.5 turret regen; +5 armor
Level 2: +70 health; 2.25 turret regen; +10 armor
Level 3: +140 health; 3 turret regen; +15 armor
Level 4: +250 health; 4 turret regen; +25 armor

The Venice Defense is a skill employed by Leo in Super Monday Night Combat. It appears as a rustical renaissance machine with exposed gears and a blocky shape. Similar to the Firebase employed by Supports, the Venice Defense takes a short moment to be set up and can be called back in order to deploy it somewhere else.

While the Firebase focuses more on raw firepower for area denial and only offers a weak heal buff to its team on level 4, the Venice Defense prioritizes utility for its team over its own firepower.

It restores armor to nearby pros in the same way as a deployed Gunner and allows members of the team to teleport back to spawn after a short phase of immobility if they press the "Use" key next to it. The turret's weapon is a long-range missile which does not pose a real threat to enemies due to its low travel speed, damage and fire rate. However, the turret can still cause a lot of harassing on enemies by being able to automatically shoot base turrets in it6s line of sight from far away or by constantly interrupting the enemy's health regeneration.

Because Leo lacks the heal beam of other Defenders, the Venice Defense slowly replenishes its own health over time to prevent wearing down just by a constant stream of enemy bots.

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