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Voltage Spike
Pro's Information
Used by: Captain Spark
Slot: Primary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: N/A
Damage Type: Melee
Alternate Fire: Bolt Shot

The Voltage Spike is the signature weapon of Captain Spark in Super Monday Night Combat. It appears as a long, baton-like weapon, held at one end with an electrically-insulated ring.

Each attack made with the Voltage Spike inflicts two swings of the weapon, which deal heavier damage when attacking Pros from behind, much like the Assassin's Dagger / Katana.

Since the Voltage Spike does not consume ammo, the reload command is replaced with a lunge attack, which does roughly the same amount of damage as a normal melee attack, but with the added advantage of quickly traveling a short distance forward.

The Voltage Spike's alternate fire is a Bolt-Shot attack, which fires three electrical projectiles in a narrow, horizontal spread in the direction Captain Spark happens to be aiming. The Bolt Shot must be charged either by performing 3 successful melee attacks, successfully executing Captain Spark's Flip Switch or Megahurtz skills three times, or any combination of the two.

The status of Captain Spark's Bolt-Shot can be deduced from the capacitors on his back. When they glow at their brightest, the bolt-shot attack is fully-charged.


  • A 'voltage spike' is a short, sudden surge of electrical potential in a circuit, commonly caused by the discharge of an inductor.

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